DIY Wooden Baby Gym

When we had friends announce that they were having babies, we were thrilled, so we decided to drop everything else and make something for them. We ended up with the baby gym as they help develop motor skills and hand/eye coordination while also keeping the infants engaged.

I wanted to design a baby gym that not only looked nice than the plastic army of toys typical in newborn families but would something that was built to last. It was also important that it could come apart so that it could be taken where ever they were needed, or easily stored when no longer necessary.

The high contrast beads encourage focus and enhances the development of the babies retinas and visual centers of the brain.


I initially exported this video Thursday morning, just before going out of town. When I went to make the video live, I found out that the export didn’t work properly and didn’t send with it, the music. Without access to my computer, there was nothing to be done until I got back from my trip, so the video was a few days late.

I’ve loved building things from a young age and I believe anyone can get out to the shop and make things. I want to inspire people to go out there and learn something new, to experience the thrill of taking a project from the moment of inspiration to a finished piece. Also, my wife has a very long honey-do list for me and I might as well make videos doing it.

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Episode 9 – DIY Wooden Baby Gym

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