Making a Wand for Harry Potter Wizards Unite (with a core)

Making a wand is an easy way to use up scrap pieces of wood and to make something special for that little wizard in your life...or for yourself, cause why should kids have all the fun?

Etching Metal with Salt Water

Customizing a Stainless Steel or Yeti style travel cup is easy to do with simple household items. With just a couple of batteries or a an old power supply, you can turn a boring standard cup into something to impress with your name, your logo, any design you want. This process can also be used […]

How to make a Wedding Ring Box – Pirate’s Treasure Chest

This Pirate’s Treasure Chest Ring Box was so much fun to make and one of my favorite projects. This was the first video I ever filmed, but I just now got around to finishing the edit. I didn’t have any idea how I was going to accomplish anything in the design, but just experimented and […]