Portable Sandpaper Organizer for every shop

Finding the right sandpaper when I need it is always a barrier to finishing my projects. I needed a way to keep the different grits sorted, tear sheets to the sizes I need for my sanding block, and move the organizer to wherever I need it in the shop. This project was useful to organize my shop and increase my productivity—plus, it was really easy to make! Since it was a shop project, I got to experiment with design without being concerned about making too perfect and use up some scrap wood.

The technique I used on this project is also useful to make quick, easy shelves to organize anything, from sandpaper to scrapbooking paper or just about any other craft materials.

My first project, Ladder Ball: https://youtu.be/oul945_6VTg

I’ve loved building things from a young age and I believe anyone can get out to the shop and make things. I want to inspire people to go out there and learn something new, to experience the thrill of taking a project from the moment of inspiration to a finished piece. Also, my wife has a very long honey-do list for me and I might as well make videos doing it.

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Episode 5 – Sandpaper Station

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