Etching Metal with Salt Water

Customizing a Stainless Steel or Yeti style travel cup is easy to do with simple household items. With just a couple of batteries or a an old power supply, you can turn a boring standard cup into something to impress with your name, your logo, any design you want. This process can also be used to etch aluminum, copper and many other types of metals. It can be done to etch tools, knives or anything with a raw metal finish.

I’ve loved building things from a young age and I believe anyone can get out to the shop and make things. I want to inspire people to go out there and learn something new, to experience the thrill of taking a project from the moment of inspiration to a finished piece. Also, my wife has a very long honey-do list for me and I might as well make videos doing it.

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Episode 11 – Etching Metal with Salt Water

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