Perfect picture frames with a DIY Miter Sled

When I started work on a frame for a mirror, I quickly realized I need a reliable way to cut perfect miters. A miter is a joint made between two boards, typically formed by cutting each board at 45 degrees and combining them to make a 90 degree angle. It took about an hour and put together this quick miter sled jig for my table saw and it worked perfectly. A jig is a great tool that allows you to make repeated cuts and this one will get a lot of use.

I’ve loved building things from a young age and I believe anyone can get out into the shop and make things. I want to inspire people to go out there and learn something new, to experience the thrill of taking a project from the moment of inspiration to a finished piece. Also my wife has a very long honey do list for me and I might as well make videos doing it.

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Episode 2 – Miter Sled

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