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Every time I walk in the house, after using my power tools, my wife looks over at me to count my fingers, as if I would nonchalantly walk through the house for a couple band-aids after cutting off a finger. One of the most dangerous tools in the shop is the Table saw, but there a ways to make it easy and safe to use. First and foremost, know how your saw works, second, keep your fingers far away from the blade. Even if your hands are far away from the blade, they can be sucked in with the board in the blink of an eye. So add another layer of protection by making a push stick. It’s an easy project that helps keep you safer in the shop while learning a few new skills in the process.

*I'm offering these plans for free so that everyone can be safe at their table saw. If you want to chip in a little bit to help my channel, you can. Either way, be safe!


I have created 2 sets of plans. The first is the original size that I have used for a long time now. The second is a slightly shortened version. While it is very easy to adjust the length to suit your individual needs, I wanted to lay out the options that I found to be useful. Let me know which one works better for you.

Included in the plans are a Summary view of the Push stick, An Assembly guide, a Detailed view of all items needed for the push stick and finally, a template. You can place the template right on the wood to mark your holes and cut lines. If you do end up making this, please post a photo and tag me @theeverymaker.

Thanks to user feedback, I have made several updates to the plans to include some of the best ideas to make this even more useful and long-lasting.

How to Make an adjustable table saw push stick

6 comments on “Adjustable Table Saw Push Stick Plans”

  1. Andrew Harner says:

    Absolutely great video.

    1. Nick says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked the video, hopefully it was helpful!

  2. Marcus Crouch says:


    1. Nick says:

      Thank you! Glad you liked it!

  3. Diomar R Silva says:

    Hello friend, your push stick project is fantastic, it is very comfortable and safe, as my saw is a Dewalt 745 I think the 12 inch one will perform better, as I already have other models with sizes of 10 and 12 inches that are very good for the size of my machine. Thank you very much

    1. narikdh says:

      I’m so glad to hear this worked for you! Thank you for watching and giving it a try!

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