Ladder Golf Plans


One of the most classic lawn games is Ladder Golf (Ladder Ball).  It can be made simply from some PVC pipes or 2×4’s and dowels.  I made my version for my wedding, using some Walnut my Dad gave me and some Oak dowels to give a nice contrast.  We made the bolas out of nylon rope and wood spheres painted in our wedding colors to give a slightly more high-end feel, to fit the occasion.  I designed this set to be made from 2×4 material, it’s up to you how fancy you want those 2×4’s to be.

No matter who shows up to the party, as soon as they see this upscale version of the game, they want to play.  Out of all the lawn games we had at our party, this is the one that never sat empty.


This set of plans is designed for 2×4 material. Whether you use actual 2×4’s or mill up your own lumber to make a fancy version, this game will be the center of the party and a great start to your lawn game collection.

Included in the plans are a Summary view, an assembly guide, detailed views of all items needed for the Ladder Golf set,  and finally, a parts list. If you do end up making this, please post a photo and tag me @theeverymaker.

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